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FAIRBIZPS Urinal Pot Portable And Safe Plastic Urine Pot With Cap Urine Bottle for for Urination (1000ml) Pack of 1

₹ 170

₹ 899


Minimum Order Quantity is 1 Pieces
Maximum Order Quantity is 20 Pieces

The urinal caps are very precisely made to make the urinals spillproof and easy to open and close. The firm Snap-On cap doesn’t let the liquid spill over. it easier for you to know if the bottle is already full or not. These urinals are bottle-shaped, making them portable. The male urinal is lightweight, strong, and long-lasting, and it comes with an anti-odor cap. These men's urinals come in 1000 ml containers with lids, making them extremely portable for travel, camping, and home use. No need to worry about any unpleasant odor because our urinary chamber has a Snap-On lid which makes cleaning an effortless task. The urinals can easily be cleaned with water and detergent. Our travel urinal bottles with an easy-to-grip handle and wide base prevent spillage and tipping and provide a strong grip to disabled individuals; Its glowing lid makes it easy to locate in the dark and also prevents accidental spills.