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FAIRBIZPS Tourniquet Belt,Elastic Belt for Bleeding control with Plastic Buckle, Medical Sports Emergency Buckle Band

₹ 198

₹ 259


tourniquet band is a must-have for any first aid kit. With a highly flexible design and gentle on the skin, this helps with circulation on both arms. This band is also easy to adjust for any age and can be used for playful fun in many different colors! Made of ABS + High stretch polyester fiber yarn, this product is sure to last you a long time! It has an adjustable plastic buckle, so you can easily adjust it to the appropriate size. Heavy duty never-out elastic tourniquet band pack of 2 is an elastic arm tourniquet that provides a comfortable compression on the limb to help relieve pain and swelling. These Medical Tourniquets are Highly Elastic which makes it Universal in Size.