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FAIRBIZPS Posture Corrector Magnetic Back Support Belt Posture Shoulder Belt for Pain Relief Back & Abdomen Support

₹ 336.25

₹ 999


This Posture Corrector is scientifically designed for bad posture helps you undo years of slouching and rounding your upper back, and retrains your natural posture with minimum restriction of movement. Super comfy padding and lightweight design make it easy to wear at home, work, in the car, at the gym... wherever you want! Retrains your posture - naturally thick straps are super-padded for comfortable all-day wear - no chafing, rubbing or pinching Easy to use - slips on and off like a backpack Heavy-duty stitching won't rip or tear under tension Fits discreetly under work uniforms, scrubs, latex, lead & BPA free.