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FAIRBIZPS Plastic Vegetable Chopper Manual Vegetables and Dry Fruits Hand Cutter with 3 Stainless Steel Sharp Blade (Red)

₹ 243

₹ 499


A Smart Way to Chop Vegetables is now easy. Whether you want to prepare an amazing salad with a lot of veggies or make a delicious vegetable recipe, this Handy Vegetable Chopper will be your ideal kitchen helper. This Quick Chopper is suitable to chop your vegetables and fruits into fine tiny pieces by just pilling the string. This quick chopper chops All Types of Vegetables and Fruits with Ease. It comes with the sharpest blades that can cut everything from onion, and garlic to fruits and vegetables. It comes with an anti-slip silicon base that can hold the surface. This chopper is made of (ABS) plastic which is safe, smooth, and odorless. You can also remove the attachments of this chopper and clean them in a hassle-free way. Easy manual operations make it an alternative to an electric chopper.