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FAIRBIZPS Pill Medicine Organizer Reminder Storage Box 7-Day Medicine Planner Tablet Storage Container

₹ 166.38

₹ 799


pill organizer features shiny pastel color shades and includes 21 compartments with gentle reminders of when to take what pill for every day of the week. The Medicine Box Organizer is made of plastic. The plastic is free of PP, ABS, BPA, or any other synthetic compound which could be toxic to you. So it's safe to keep your pills or capsules in it. Medicine Box Medicine Organizer Box, is safe enough unless one leaves it in water), weatherproof (not strictly), and airtight (not strictly). Ensure you've taken the right medication on time every day. On each day there are four compartments: morning, noon, night, and backup. Its individual compartments should be roomy enough for all meds, especially for the largest pills.