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FAIRBIZPS Pet Bath Comb Massage Comb with Ring Handle Rubber Bristles Hand Brush Band Comb for Dogs & Cats (Green)

₹ 168.75

₹ 399


Minimum Order Quantity is 1 Pieces

rubber bath hand band has been specially designed for your pets. You can groom, scrub and massage your pet with the hand band which is designed with soft longer bristles on one side while on the other side, there are shorter but firmer nubs that clean and massage coats. It can be used on dry pets to collect loose hair, remove dirt and reduce the shedding of hair or useful at the time of giving your pet a bath for scrubbing to generate uniform lather. Made of natural rubber, the short nubs allow for easy scrubbing, ideal for super sensitive skin. The pet grooming shampoo brush is equipped with a unique adjustable ring handle, suitable for hands, which can quickly and effectively remove the dog's hair without causing damage. It is a good helper for dog and cat grooming. This is a great massage and bath tool.