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FAIRBIZPS Nasal Aspirator Nose cleaner Aspirator Nasal BPA Free Soft Silicone Nozzle Mucus Remover Nose Cleaner for Baby Safety (Blue)

₹ 195

₹ 499


The soft suction nozzle can protect the baby's tender nostrils, and let the baby feel extra comfortable. It is Safe for newborns and toddlers. It is made from good quality silicone which is safe and highly durable. Suction is easy to control and simple to operate. Easy cleaning, parts can be dismantled, convenient and sanitary. When using Cleaner, always hold the baby in your arms. Never compress the rubber pump while the soft nozzle is inserted in the baby's nostril. The rubber pump must be compressed first before placing a soft nozzle into the baby's nostril.