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FAIRBIZPS Lumbar Sacro Support Belt For Lower Back Pain Relief Lumbar Back & Waist Support Lumbo Sacral Belt (M)

₹ 283.75

₹ 799


Lumbar Sacro Support Belt has been designed specifically for people with lower back or other back disorders. Back pain, which is quite common, can severely disrupt your lifestyle. It can happen due to simple reasons like improper posture, sudden jerk movements of the spine, or lifting something heavy to more serious reasons like a back injury associated with an accident or a degenerative disc disorder. Lumbar Sacro Support Belt compresses your back and lowers it to help ease pain and stiffness. In case of vertebral fracture or disc injury, the Lumbar Sacro Support Belt holds the spine together and aids in limiting the movement providing your spine with sufficient time to heal itself. For pain triggered by incorrect posture, the Lumbar Support Belt can help to distribute pressure evenly so that the injured and aching segment of your spine can be de-stressed. It provides sufficient support to your entire mid-lower back and helps in maintaining an erect posture. Its anatomical design allows a wide range of movement with ease without disturbing the spine.