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FAIRBIZPS Jerry Can Semi-Collapsible Jerry cans, Semi-Solid Food Storage Cans Water Cans Plastic cans (10 Liters)

₹ 236.25

₹ 599


Minimum Order Quantity is 1 Pieces
Maximum Order Quantity is 10 Pieces

The Cubic cans are the Semi-Collapsible Plastic Can which can be used to store Water and Semi-Solid Food Items. Semi-Collapsible, huh, what is it? Semi-Collapsible is an ability of the Plastic Can to compress and fold into a small pocket when it is empty. On filling it with Water or any such liquid or semi-solids, it expands back to its original state. The main benefit of using the Cubic cans is its Flexibility to compress and fit into small places. The Cubic cans are offered in 10 Litre with Plain Flat Cap and Tap for Liquid Dispensing. You can use in picnic, your car, and migrating from one place to another.