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FAIRBIZPS Hot Water Bag for Pain Relief Large Capacity Manual Hot Water Bag for Back Pain, Period Pain, Neck and Shoulders Pain (Green)

₹ 198.75

₹ 499


A hot water bag is a fundamental heating device that serves as a natural method of pain relief and keeping the body warm. The basic apparatus is made of rubber, along with a plastic composite material. FAIRBIZPS Hot Water bottles were designed to give you exactly what you need, exactly when you need them. Using this generous 2-liter bottle--hot or cold-- is the comforting, healing answer to the relief you crave. Plush comfort made for you. Our hot bag provides the perfect heat level and protects you against excessive heat. Perfect as a feet warmer or to warm your bed. Moreover, it can soothe menstrual cramps, neck and shoulder pain, stomach ache, muscle strain, and much more. We care about your well-being. HOW TO USE: Here is a step-wise breakup of how you should use hot water bags: 1. Hold the bag in an upright position. 2. Unscrew the bag and fill it up with hot water to a maximum of two-thirds of its capacity. 3. Using your hands, expel the excess air out. 4. Screw the stopper tightly. 5. Hold the bag upside down to check for leakage.