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FAIRBIZPS Freeze Free Vaccine Carrier Box (2.90 Ltr.) Large | Portable Vaccine Storage Box for Safe Transportation of Vaccines During Immunization Activities

₹ 5,699

₹ 8,999


FAIRBIZPS Grade A Freeze Free Vaccine carrier, long-range, for transport of vaccines. Grade A, user-independent freeze protection (UIFP); No intervention is required by the user to ensure that the vaccines will not be exposed to temperatures below 0°C, whatever the position of the vaccine. The vaccine carrier is the lifeline for heat-sensitive vaccines and is essential for the transportation of these vaccines from the place of manufacturing to the place of field storage and final carriage to the place of immunization. Vaccine carriers are insulated containers that, when lined with coolant packs, keep vaccines and diluents cold during transportation. They are smaller than cold boxes and are easier to carry when walking. They are used for transporting vaccines from health facilities with refrigeration to outreach sessions where refrigeration and ice are not available. They are typically carried by a single health worker traveling on foot or by other means, where the combined journey time and immunization activity ranges from a few hours to a whole day.