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FAIRBIZPS Folding Walker for Adults Stainless Steel Lightweight Height Adjustable Foldable Walker For Old People (Orange & Black)

₹ 812.5

₹ 1,699


Walker for seniors and wheeled walker that is height adjustable. Peg holes allow the walker to be adjusted from 30-37 inches in height. Simply push the adjustment buttons in and slide the aluminum walker tubes up or down. Easy-to-use, push-button mechanisms let walkers fold easily. Each side folds independently to allow easy movement through narrow spaces. Side cross braces provide extra durability. Push-button, height-adjustable legs. Easily folds for storage or travel. This mobility walker has a walker and is very light and maneuverable. The walker has sides that detach for storing in tight spaces. The lightweight walking frame is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Excellent folding mechanism for easy storage and transportation.