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FAIRBIZPS Disposable Underarm Sweat Pads Stain proof Anti Perspiration Underarm Sweat Pads for Women and Men (Pack of 7 Pairs)

₹ 100

₹ 299


We all sweat, but, few of us have real sweating issues. For those who sweat excessively, we now have FAIRBIZPS Underarm Sweat Pads’ to become your new best friend. With our easy-to-use, anti-stain disposable pads you don’t need to worry about stains & embarrassment. These disposable self-sticking sweat pads are easy to use and absorb high perspiration throughout the day. These ultra-thin self-sticking sweat pads keep you comfortable in the sweltering heat all day long. The sweat pads have super absorbent qualities owing to the material composition which is completely non-woven and dust-free paper. The soft texture of the pads is breathable and deodorizing in nature. The pad is also invisible from the outside of your clothes. It not only absorbs sweat and bad odor to keep you fresh all day long but also prolongs the life of your clothing by preventing sweat stains and color bleeding.