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FAIRBIZPS Disposable Dental Bib Waterproof Dental Patient Bibs Tattoo Bibs Tattoo Tray Covers and Dental Napkins Dentist Bibs - Blue (50 Pcs.))

₹ 215.5

₹ 599


 Tattoo Bibs Disposable Waterproof sheets Clean Supply 3-Ply Also known as dental bibs, medical bibs, or medical tray liners. 2-ply tissue, 1-ply poly. Used as tray liners, table top protection and to protect customers' clothing during a tattoo or body piercing. Protect your countertops and work areas from cross-contamination. Tattoo bibs are very good-quality, textured, 2-ply paper with one-ply plastic backing to prevent moisture from seeping through and contaminating the surface. Use them almost anywhere!