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FAIRBIZPS Calf Feeding Milk Bottle with Food Grade Quality Nipple (2 Liter)

₹ 356.25

₹ 899


Calf Feeding bottle is made from very good food-grade plastic and is quite strong. The size of its nipple is like the calf of buffalo, which is used by the calf to milk the lassi, by its use we make the child very quickly and well. Easy to put in milk powder Accurate scale Large capacity From this nipple drink milk like calf mother teat. The nipple can be tightly snapped on the bottle; the handle is for easy feeding by hand With food grade silicone nipple is safe and antibacterial; and a multihole design, make the milk out evenly The bottle body is made of premium PVC, thickened, safe, durable For feeding lambs, goats and calves, and a great tool of weaning small animals from their mothers gradually.