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FAIRBIZPS ABS Needle Cum Syringe Hub Destroyer Manual Hub Cutter, Sharp Container 1000ML (White Translucent)

₹ 533.75

₹ 1,199


Minimum Order Quantity is 1 Pieces

  • NEEDLE CUM HUB CUTTER- It is used for cutting the needles and the hub from the syringes to prevent reuse and infection hence needle stick injuries are prevented by the healthcare professionals. To terminate needles and hub together, insert the used needle fully into a small slot and hold onto the handles.
  • USES- The needle is a major equipment which is required at all times in the hospital and a doctor’s clinic. But since it can be used one time only and needs to be destroyed after usage, the Needle Hub Cutter becomes very handy. It destroyed the syringe hub and needle at a go and stops already-used needles and syringes from further usage."
  • DESIGEN- The design of a conventional syringe includes a dead space between the needle and barrel of the syringe called the hub. This space collects liquid that once drawn up, cannot be plunged out
  • HOW IT WORKS- FAIRBIZPS ABS Needle Cutter cuts the needle and syringe hub in such a way that none of them can be reused. The needles get collected into a sharp container, which is disposed of and replaced with a new sharp container once full. Needle Destroyers are required in every healthcare facility for e.g. Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Labs, labs, research centers, etc.