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FAIRBIZPS 3L Round Sharps Container - Secure Disposal for Needles, Syringes, and Medical Waste - Durable Design for Hospitals, Clinics & Nursing Home Pac of 1

₹ 282

₹ 699


Minimum Order Quantity is 1 Pieces
Maximum Order Quantity is 20 Pieces

The FAIRBIZPS Sharp Container Round 3Ltr is a reliable and convenient solution for safe disposal of sharps waste. Made from puncture-resistant plastic, it securely holds needles, syringes, and other sharps waste, preventing accidental needlesticks. It features a locking lid for spill prevention and a 3-liter capacity, reducing disposal frequency. The container's wide opening and horizontal drop slot make disposal easy, and its transparent design allows for easy monitoring of fill level. this cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution is a must-have for any facility handling sharps.